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Turning your property into a designer home. We have built alliance with major furnishing enterprise to spare you from the strains of bargaining, styling and installation. Plus, our team have built a strong network that ensures best-quality products are available to partners on the platform to provide greater discounts.


We guarantee a hassle-free start up for investors to lease out ready for occupancy property and house owners or buyers to move in enjoying the perks of our personal expert service.

Get to know us

Get to know us

Furniture Packages

Furniture Packages



Unique home furnishings style with contemporary design details at its finest.



Captures the modernism and functionalism of each pieces that balance practicality with style.




Bring back classic design home furnishings and fuse it with modern details and inspiration.

Timeless artistic visions of contemporary living which capture unique elements and fine craftsmanship.

Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects

From office and retail fit-outs to restaurants, bars and boutique hotels, we can help provide that crucial defining feature for your commercial space.

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